Friday 27 February 13:30-14:15

L1d. Vocal training for choral singers
Silk Street Music Hall

Chair: Assc Prof Kristin Kjolberg

‘Voice building for the community choirs at Comunicantus: Choral Laboratory of the Music Department of the University of São Paulo’
Caiti Hauck-Silva, Marco Antonio Da Silva Ramos, Dr Susana Cecilia Igayara

L1e. Teaching methods for young musicians
Silk Street Room 208
Chair: Derek Rodgers

‘The factors that influence independent instrumental teachers to use improvisation and composition activities or music technologies with young beginners’
Dr Francis Dubé, Isabelle Héroux, Noémie L. Robidas

‘Appropriate early stage pedagogies for the inclusion of an aural foundation for beginner instrumental learners’
Gemma O’Herlihy

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