Keynote speakers

Keynotes speakers include:

Ricardo Castro, pianist, conductor and founder of Brazil’s NEOJIBA youth music training programme on ‘To teach is to Learn’.

Liz Lerman (choreographer, dancer, educator, writer, and creator of the Critical Response Process, a rigorous feedback system for developing work in progress) on ‘Feedback, judgement, and criticism: creating frameworks for change’.

Opening Keynote panel discussion ‘The Artist as Maker (current issues and future prospects)’ chaired by Guildhall School Director of Drama Christian Burgess, and featuring speakers Daniel Evans, actor and Sheffield Theatres’ Artistic Director; composer Edmund Finnis; Barbican/Guildhall Director of Creative Learning Sean Gregory;  Lucy Kerbel, theatre director and Director of Tonic Theatre; and Gillian Moore, Head of Classical Music at London’s Southbank Centre.





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