Lunchtime Session Papers

Friday 27 13:30-14:15

L1d. Vocal training for choral singers
Silk Street Music Hall

Chair: Assc Prof Kristin Kjolberg

‘Voice building for the community choirs at Comunicantus: Choral Laboratory of the Music Department of the University of São Paulo’
Caiti Hauck-Silva, Marco Antonio Da Silva Ramos, Dr Susana Cecilia Igayara

L1e. Teaching methods for young musicians
Silk Street Room 208
Chair: Derek Rodgers

‘The factors that influence independent instrumental teachers to use improvisation and composition activities or music technologies with young beginners’
Dr Francis Dubé, Isabelle Héroux, Noémie L. Robidas

Saturday 28 12:45-13:30

L2b. Developing an explicit error management in instrumental music education
Milton Court Theatre

Chair: Assoc Prof Gemma Carey

‘Developing an explicit error management in instrumental music education’
Prof Dr Silke Kruse-Weber, Dr Cristina Marin-Oller

L2c. The developing professional
Milton Court Studio Theatre
Chair: Prof Dawn Bennett

‘Finding a job…keeping a job. Establishing new music posts in primary schools in the UK’
Dr Alison Barrington

‘Staging baroque music – and shedding light on timeless gender issues: artistic development of the Opera bureau, a freelance chamber music company’
Prof Cecilia K Hultberg, Catalina Langborn, Christina Larsson Malmberg

L2e. Aural Awareness
Milton Court Teaching Room 3
Chair: Dr Christina Guillaumier

‘From music student to professional musician. A retrospective evaluation of the aural skills discipline in relation to musicians’ needs in performing practice’
Prof Inger Elise Reitan

‘Promoting collaborative playful experimentation through group ear playing in Higher Education’
Dr Maria Varvarigou








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